Bali Environmental Conservation

Scuba Diver Underwater Padang Bai Bay Bali Indonesia Clean Up Trash Project Aware 320pxThe Geko Dive Team recognises that conservation projects start right on your doorstep. Every morning, we proceed to cleaning the beach in front of our shop from any trash that may have come in with the tide. Organic waste is buried on-site, while plastic is disposed of responsibly through Padang Bai's trash collection system. Doing this is obvious to us, but it's interesting to see that tourists, who decide to tan on Padang Bai's main beach, choose to do so in front of our shop.

Geko Dive goes beyond cleaning on its doorstep. 100% of the members of the Team work very close to the shop, thus limiting carbon dioxide emissions stemming from transportation. Education is also key and The Geko Dive Team tries its best to educate the local community through our actions or day-to-day activities.

We also undertake many conservation projects, such as making new moorings, creating artificial reefs or promoting beach and underwater clean-ups. Lastly, we have been a Go ECO Operator for many, many years.

Below is a brief outline of our current projects. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Geko Dive Bali.

Go Eco Scuba Dive Operator Bali Indonesia

Artificial Reef - Statue Garden Project

Go ECO Operator

Reef and Beach clean-ups


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