Amed: Jemeluk, Pyramids and Japanese Wreck Dive Sites

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Coastal reef, deep drop-off (three walls), shallow wreck, macro dives.


45 minutes by car from Padang Bai. Small traditional outrigger boats (Junkung) take us to the walls, possible to start direct from the beach on other dive sites (Cafe Garam, Japanese wreck).

Coral Reef State:

Great variety of hard corals although a warming event and crown of thorn starfish did some damage a few years ago.

Fish Species:

Huge variety of tropical reef fish: grouper, trigger, scorpion and parrot fish, moray eels, if lucky small reef sharks. napoleons and turtles.


None or very mild, easy dive site, perfect conditions for beginners.


25m+ (June-October). Very good snorkeling.


No diving after heavy rain (December-March).


Excellent for macro photography; tunicates, anemone, ghost pipe fish.