Nusa Penida - Crystal Bay Dive Site

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Big island about 20 Km South-East of Bali. Crystal Bay is a sheltered bay that opens onto the deep channel between Nusa Penida and Nusa Cenningan. This is one of the places where the Indonesian through-flow current is strongest!


5 minutes by speedboat to Crystal Bay's mola-mola oceanic sunfish cleaning stations.

Coral Reef State:

The coral cover is great in some spots, but damaged in others. The popularity of this dive site and its strong currents mean that too many divers hold onto the corals in order not be swept away. Please never hold onto corals or touch them during your dives!

Fish Species:

Nice variety of tropical reef fish. Very often seeing big pelagic species such as manta ray, oceanic sun fish, sharks, tunas or trevallies. Great macro photography opportunities in the shallows as there are many critters (frogfish, seahorse, nudibranches, etc.) hiding in the coral reef.


Moderate to Strong. Depending on the moon and tides, the currents here can be raging. This is not a drift divesite though. Divers sometimes face pulsating, up and down currents. For experienced divers only!


30m-50m. The best dive site in Eastern Bali for good visibility. Crystal Bay got its name from its crystal-clear waters!


This Bali dive site can get very crowded during mola-mola oceanic sunfish season (July-October). While it is a great dive site to spot mola-molas, there are plenty of other dive sites around Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan where the chance to meet the elusive fish is just as good and where the smaller amount of divers and boats makes the experience a lot nicer!


One of the best spots in the world to meet the mola-mola oceanic sunfish!


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