Dive Bali's Gili Islands at Selang: Untouched Reef and Wall Dive Site

Map Of Gili Selang Wall And Northern Bay Scuba Dive Sites Geko 900px


Small gili / island just 15 meters off shore, shallow bay (14m) and deep slope (40m).


1 hour by boat from Padang Bai up the east coast of Bali.

Coral Reef State:

Excellent variety and number of hard and soft corals, big coral bommies and table corals. This gili island has some of the best corals in Bali and Lombok.

Fish Species:

Excellent variety and numbers of reef fish, moray eels, turtles, reef sharks and... sunfish!


Moderate to strong, normally big surge in the afternoon.


25 - 50m (May-October).


This is a dive site rarely dived. Strong currents can make this Gilis island site unpredictable and hard to dive!


Because of very few diver numbers, this Gili / island seland reefs are absolutely untouched. Join us for exploratory dives!