Padang Bai - The Best Place to Dive and Stay in Bali

To say that the entire Geko Dive Team has grown very fond of Padang Bai is an understatement. If you ask any member of the team whether they like Padang Bai, they will invariably answer: 'No, I don't like Padang Bai! I LOVE Padang Bai!'.

Most of the people working here at Geko Dive come from or live in this very village. So we might be a little biased... However, Padang Bai is a real gem in Bali's touristic landscape. Here is why!

Padang Bai Above Water

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We hear of more and more visitors to Bali disillusioned with their choice of holiday destination. Bali would be noisy, traffic-ladden, dirty and over-populated! While this may apply to spending a holiday in the large touristic complex that have sprouted all along the South Cost of the island, none of those attributes correspond to a Padang Bai experience.

Padang Bai has remained a small, typical Balinese fishing village. While there are many facilities catering for tourists' needs, such as hotels and restaurants, Padang Bai remains Balinese first and foremost! According to those who have known Bali for many years, the Bali one can encounter here is still the real Bali.

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A Day in a Traditional Balinese Village

This is evident when one wakes up early to visit the local market, where freshly picked fruits and vegetables are on offer along with the daily fish catch. Religious ceremonies also take place often here at either of the three village temples (Pura Desa, Dalem and Segara) or the Silayukti temple. The latter dates back to the 11th century and is one of the oldest Hindu temple on the island. Pura Silayukti attracts fervant Balinese from all around the island. They are frequently seen heading to the temple in a procession, dressed in traditional clothes and armed with colourful offerings in order to pay tribute to the Gods.

Being a harbour town, Padang Bai can be busy early on in the day. In the morning, trucks embark the public ferry boats towards Lombok, while backpackers and party-goers board speed boats to the Gili Trawangan group of islands. After lunch, the village´s tranquility and harmony resume. Men are often seen resting, talking or eating under the traditional bales (gazebos) located all along the main beach, while children go for a swim in the sea.

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Beach or Excursion in the Afternoon

This is the time when many visitors are enjoying the beauty and exclusivity of one of the three beaches that are located in Padang Bai. Close to the market is the White Sand Beach or Bias Tugul Beach. With its fine sand, coconut trees and small restaurants serving grilled fish, local dishes, fresh fruit juices and frozen cold beers, it truly is a holiday-goer's paradise. At the other side of the village, Blue Lagoon is also a popular destination.

More adventurous travellers may choose to use the afternoon to visit one of the many favourite attraction of Bali, which lay less than an hour away. Ubud with its Monkey Forest, temples and traditional shops is one of those. So is the water palace of Tirta Ganga. Because of this ideal location, Padang Bai is the perfect place to use as a base for daily excursions to popular spots. Many of our guests choose to do dive in the morning and visit great places in the afternoon!

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Padang Bai Hotels, Restaurants and Bars

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There are many restaurants to enjoy in the evenings in Padang Bai. Many choices offer a great price to quality ratio. From budget shacks serving local food and grilled fish, to options withEuropean food on the menu, most restaurants here reflect the general feeling of relaxed and laid-back atmosphere found everywhere else in Padang Bai.

Although there are no clubs in town, bars serve cold Bintang beer and fresh fruit juices. Some of them are located right on the beach, while others can be found close to the main parking area. Those are opened until late in the night and often offer a great atmosphere. Some of them even have live bands playing in the evening.

Accomodation options are also plenty in Padang Bai. From luxurious houses with sea views on top of the hill, to small bungalows by the beach, through to mid-range hotels and even youth hostels. You can easily find accommodation to suit your needs here. Have a look at our accommodation page for more details on how we can help you.

After a day so full of activities, you'll be all set for a good night sleep, before coming back to Geko Dive for another scuba adventure to some of our stunning dive sites. Click here to find out more about Padang Bai's underwater wonders.

What's Nearby?

Bali Destinations

 Distance From Padang Bai

Time From Padang Bai

 Nusa Dua 64 km  1 hour 20 minutes
 Airport  55 km 1 hour 15 minutes
 Kuta 51 km  1 hour 15 minutes
Sanur 42 km 60 minutes
Goa Lawah 9 km 14 minutes
Ujung Palace / Jasri Beach 28 km 45 minutes
Sanur 41 km 45 minutes
Tirta Gangga 30 km 50 minutes
Ubud 38 km 60 minutes
Amed 44 km 1 hour 05 minutes
Tulamben 51 km 1 hour 10 minutes
Bedugul 98 km 3 hours
Singaraja 110 km 4 hours
Gilimanuk 155 km 4 hours 30 minutes


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